December 2015 Newsletter

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  • Name tag
  • Block party block
  • Show-and-Tell
  • Program items for the Christmas Party


  • Shirley Lewis … December 15
  • Michelle Rodriguez … December 15


Ho! Ho! Ho! And a Happy December to each of you. I want to take this time to thank each of you who served as officers, committee chairpersons, and who took the time from your busy schedules to attend meetings and participate in all of our activities for the last two years. I have enjoyed serving as your president and now look forward to sitting back and being a member. I know that our new leaders will do a wonderful job in the next years and can hardly wait to see what they have in store for us. The Guild would not exist without everyone supporting the leadership, and I hope that will continue as we move forward. Thank you again for all of your support. I love each of you and look forward to the new year.

Sue Heard


The program for November TBA. If it is decided to do a Make and Take item for Christmas we will send a special e-mail advising what you need to purchase to complete the project. It will be of nominal cost.

Elisabeth will be completing her Mystery bag project and we will share the project results of those that participated. We will complete the border quilts with a final Show and Well Done.


  • Sue called the meeting to order at 7:00.
  • We have two birthdays for November…Vickie Bramblet (11th) and Janice Overton (23rd).
  • Remembrances…Lauren is to be married Saturday night (7th), Kathleen’s husband is recovering from by-pass surgery, Irene Nichols (machine quilts for several ladies in our guild) husband has had by-pass surgery. The guild received a “Thank you” card from Arlington Residence & Rehab for our donation of the fleece blankets.
  • The minutes from last month’s meeting were approved as written in the newsletter.
  • Barbara stated we have a balance of $1,288.58 in our bank account….( bal…$1,339.14 with disb.(-) 50.56).
  • The Executive board (Sue, Grace, Jane, Barbara B., Janice O., Michelle, Shirley, Tory & Margaret (for Debi) held a short meeting prior to the regular meeting….There was no new business to discuss.
  • Shirley reported we had 21 members present tonight with no visitors.
  • Michelle had 5 door prizes and were won by Janice O., Jeri, Tory, Christine and Grace. She also reminded everyone about the Newsletter Challenge…Grace, Sue, Jane, Barbara B., Katrina, Shirley and Janice O. had contributed extra articles to the newsletter and Grace’s name was drawn as the winner.
  • Tonight the Block-of-the-Month blocks “Flower Power” were won by Janis Hill. Tory stated the theme for the December block using the fractured four-patch is “everything but the kitchen sink” using 4 different fabrics.
  • Old business..Tonight was the reveal of the “mystery” quilt block challenge. Eight ladies, Barbara G., Janice O., Carrie, Elisabeth, Evelyn, Sue, Nancy C. and Cathy M., found out who made their block and who they made a block for… Some really nice work. Elisabeth thanked everyone who participated.
  • At the October meeting a nominating committee was formed of Grace, Shirley, Christine, Jeri and Janice O. to select officers for 2016. Grace reported the proposed slate of offices as ..President – Tory Swartzwelder, 1st Vice-President-Programs – Carrie Stanford, 2nd Vice-President-Workshops – Lauren Charron, Secretary – Debi Cypert and Treasurer – Janis Hill. Shirley made the motion, seconded by Janice O., for the slate of officers to be accepted by acclamation. Motion carried.
  • Show & Tell..Janis showed some of the quilts she makes and donates for an online auction to help a dachshund rescue group…Dusty Puddles. She uses the B-O-M blocks she wins at our meetings. Nancy C., Barbara B., Michelle and Grace also had nice items to show.
  • Program…Grace reminded everyone the Stitch-a-Bit group will not be meeting in November or December due to the holidays but will start again in January. Tonight was the final showing of the Border-Quilt project and Michelle showed hers.
  • Grace reminded everyone our December meeting will be our Pot-Luck Christmas dinner. The installation of our 2016 officers will be held afterwards. We will be doing our $10.00 gift-exchange with a little different twist this year. Using the first letter of your last name, buy a sewing/quilting item that begins with that letter.
  • “What was I thinking” material….Several ladies brought ugly fabric tonight to show and explained why they bought it. Some ask.. What can I do with this ugly inherited material? Shirley showed us what a beautiful quilt can sometimes be made from some not so desirable fabric.
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:10.

Margaret Alsup for Debi Cypert


In 2015 the Block of the Month will be a little different.  Tory has picked out a pattern for a block.  Each month you will make that block.

The difference between the months will be the theme.  The theme for the November block is “Flower Power.”

Each person should make the block using that theme, bring it to the meeting in November, and then be entered to win all the blocks that were turned in.  InSeptember, you will make the same block that you made in October, but with different fabrics — to go with the November theme.

If you have any questions, please contact Tory.

0115pattern01 0115pattern02


Beginning balance …$1,288.58

Deposits: None

Disbursements: None

Ending Balance … $1,288.58

Barbara Burnaugh


  • Articles for the newsletter are due by the 10th of the month. Any articles not received by the 10th of the month may or may not get published in that month’s newsletter.
  • The newsletter is published monthly usually within 10 days of the meeting date (first Monday of each month). You will receive an e-mail with a link to the website. The website is: All previous newsletters are archived on our website. You may also go to our Facebook page. Our newsletter link is posted there monthly. If, at any time, you cannot find your newsletter or have deleted the e-mail with the link, you could do an internet search for “quilter’s guild of grand prairie” to find our website.
  • If you have a question about a program, a workshop, or the block of the month, be sure to contact the person(s) in charge of whatever you have a question about. The names, phone numbers and e-mails are all listed in the newsletter.
  • Please silence your cell phone during our meetings.
  • Please note, effective with the January 4, 2016 meeting, the doors to the church will not be opened until 6:30 p.m.

Michelle Rodriguez

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