November 2011 Newsletter

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DOOR PRIZES: If your last name begins with A, B or C  please bring a door prize to the September meeting and give it to Jeri Bush. This is a voluntary effort, but most of us like to receive a door prize and we hope everyone will participate. Please bring only quilting related items such as: Quilting Notions, fat quarters, triangle paper, magnetic pin holders, scissors, Pigma pens, etc.


  • Name tag
  • Door prizes for A, B or C
  • Show-and-Tell


How thankful we are for the rain on Sunday…in my area, we received a little over 1.5 inches. Fall is in the air and all the holidays are approaching….cannot believe this past year has gone by so fast. Be thankful for family and friends and hold them close. Hope to see so really neat quilts that will come from the upcoming retreat at the next meeting. Y’all have fun and see ya in November!

Marty Staten


  • Janice Overton  … November 23


What’s in a name? All quilt blocks have a name, but how (or why) were those names chosen? We will explore that question when we meet November 7. Thanks to all our “teachers” who gave instructions/demonstrations for the October meeting. I think everyone learned something new.

Shirley Lewis


By the time this newsletter is published, we will be getting close to our fall retreat. I hope to see lots of finished projects at the November meeting! The next retreat is May 18-20, 2012.

Michelle Rodriguez


Beginning balance … 1234.25

Ending balance … 1234.25


  • The meeting was called to order by President Marty Staten with 20 members present.The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter.
  • Treasurer Grace Norris reported that there is no change in our treasury since last month. Our balance is still $1,234.25.
  • We have 3 birthdays this month – Pat Johnson, Shara Hill-Scheibner, and Cathy Mullin.
  • Carol Franklin, Publicity, said that the meeting was listed on the Grand Prairie Calendar of Events. She was also given the name of someone at The Dallas Morning News to contact with our meeting dates.
  • Michelle Rodriguez reported that there will not be any more workshops this year. Our retreat is October 28, 29, & 30, and we still have 2 places open.
  • There were three blocks turned in this month and they were won by Jeri Bush.
  • A nominating committee was formed – Shirley Lewis, Janice Overton, Jeri Bush, Margaret Alsup, and Marty Staten. They will meet following this meeting and will present the 2012 slate of officers at our next meeting.
  • Barbara Burnaugh brought a thank you note from four ladies at Dalworth Nursing Home for the quilts we sent to them. Barbara also had pictures of the ladies for us to see with a paragraph about each of the ladies.
  • Door Prizes were won by Carol Franklin, Nancy Conner, and Debi Cypert.
  • Grace, Sue Taylor, Margaret, Janis Hill, Jeri, and Joan Vega participated in show and tell.
  • Following our schoolhouse program – four classes, Margaret, Janis, Marty, and Ruth Goodman – the meeting was adjourned.

Sue Heard


Pattern is in on page 3 of the newsletter.


At the October meeting the following members were elected to the Nominating Committee: Shirley Lewis, Janice Overton, Marty Staten, Jeri Bush, and Margaret Alsup. The committee met after the guild meeting and present the following slate of officers for 2012:

President: Jane Lamb

  • First Vice President (programs): Janis Hill and Nancy Conner
  • Second Vice President (workshops): Elisabeth McMahon
  • Secretary: Sue Heard
  • Treasurer: Debi Cypert

This slate will be presented at the guild meeting in November. At that time, members of the guild can elect by acclamation or nominate from the floor for any or all positions.

All committee positions are appointed by the President.

Shirley Lewis

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