January 2010 Newsletter

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DOOR PRIZES: If your last name begins with S and V please bring a door prize to the October meeting and give it to Sue Heard This is a voluntary effort, but most of us like to receive a door prize and we hope everyone will participate. Please bring only quilting related items such as: Quilting Notions, fat quarters, triangle paper, magnetic pin holders, scissors, Pigma pens, etc.


  • Name tag
  • Door prizes for S and V
  • Block party block
  • Show-and-Tell
  • Items for the January program (read below)


When I accepted the position as president, I didn’t think far enough ahead to remember that the president is responsible for an article in the newsletter. OH NO ! While trying to decide what to write, I remembered that last year the guild was trying to encourage members to write about themselves so we could get to know each other better.

So here goes… I have lived all my life within the same 30-mile radius…was born in Oak Cliff, graduated from South Oak Cliff High School. I met my husband the summer after we graduated from high school while he was cruising the Dairy Queen…. actually I think my Mom’s ’57 Chevy is what caught his eye. We had a whirlwind courtship and married three months later. We had almost 45 yrs of marriage before cancer took him five years ago. But in those years, we had first a daughter and then a son and I have one very special grandson. We owned our own business… a sheetmetal fabrication shop and played a lot of golf. In 2000, one of my golfing buddies asked why don’t we take a quilt class and as they say the rest is history. I love the patterns, the fabric and the challenge of new projects…don’t like quilting. I let others much better than I do that. Well, that’s a little of info about me so I’ll close in saying we have lots of quilting to do…don’t forget to sign up for the workshops and the retreat was wonderful so all give some thought to joining in on the fun next May.

Marty Staten


Jane Coffey: January 2
Wanda Cargile: January 25


Dues for 2010 are due at the January 4th meeting.  Regular members are $20 and members age 65 and over are $15. Don’t forget if you have perfect attendance for the year…meaning you come and stay for the meeting each month…you will be entered into a drawing for a free membership for 2011.


Elisabeth took the baby quilts the Guild made over to Parkland Hospital. There were a total of 20 quilts. Thank you everyone for your help and donations of fabric, batting, etc. during the year!


Let’s start the year with something fun.  With the holidays just over, my brain is too tired to do a complicated program, so your help is needed.

  1. Bring a tote bag of sewing supplies.  We’re going to have a scavenger hunt to see if you have things in your tote bag/sewing kit that is on my list.  Prizes will be given, so think about what you bring.  (Example:  pink thread, red fat quarter, seam ripper).  Be creative in  deciding what to bring.
  2. Bring the ugliest fabric you have in your stash.  Not just sorta ugly, but UGLY.  Be prepared to tell us WHY you paid good money for it and what you intended to do with it.  Maybe someone will feel sorry for you and love it enough to take it off your hands!!!
  3. For show and tell bring something you’ve made that is especially appropriate for January (maybe a snowman or snowball quilt or placemats.

Shirley Lewis


The first workshop for 2010 will be on Saturday, February 6th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church.  This will be a Mystery Quilt workshop.  If you have never done a Mystery Quilt, they are lots of fun.  When you sign up, I will give you the fabric requirements and the cutting instructions so that you can do some of the time consuming work at home.

The day of the workshop, you’ll get each step one at a time as you finish the previous step.  When you get to the last step, the mystery is solved and you know what the quilt looks like.  If you signed up at the December meeting, you should have received an email with the fabric requirements and cutting instructions from me.  If you didn’t, I will have copies at the January meeting.  I will be taking sign ups at the January meeting and the February meeting.

Let’s plan on doing a potluck lunch.  Please bring a salad or whatever you’d like to share.

Upcoming workshops:

I have a couple of workshops in mind, but would love to have suggestions from you on what you want.  I know that there is some interest in a “beginning” quilting class, but is there anything else you want as a workshop?  Please send me your suggestions as soon as possible.

Michelle Rodriguez


Beginning balance: 1,417.31
Stamps: <17.60>
Ending balance: 1,399.71


  • The December 7 meeting of the Quilter’s Guild of Grand Prairie was called to order by President Debi Cypert at 7 p.m.  She asked Grace to do the blessing before we started our Christmas dinner.  After dinner, we had the business portion of our meeting.
  • Membership:  17 members and two guests, Jane Lamb and Barbara Berkus.
  • Remembrances:  Shirley Lewis asked everyone to sign a birthday card for Eula Lewis, who will be 101 on December 12.  Eula is Shirley’s mother-in-law and Michelle’s grandmother and has visited the Guild many times over the years.
  • Birthdays:  Shirley Lewis and Michelle Rodriguez.
  • Block of the Month:  13 blocks turned in and Jeri wins the drawing.
  • Workshops:  Mystery Quilt workshop on February 6 at First Presbyterian Church from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Sign up sheet will be available tonight and at the January and February meetings.  Michelle will send out the fabric requirements and cutting instructions to everyone who signs up so they can get the cutting done at home.
  • Retreat:  Michelle will begin collecting deposits for the May retreat at the January meeting.  If you have already verbally committed, your name is on the list, but you need to get the $40 deposit to her on January 4 to secure your spot.
  • Block of the month for 2010:  Talk of new block of the month or round robin or paper bag project.  We will discuss more at the January meeting.
  • Show & Tell: Joan, Debi, Wanda.
  • New business:  Audit Committee needs to form tonight.  Need 3 volunteers.  Cathy, Michelle and Debi volunteered to audit the treasurer’s books at the January meeting.
  • Perfect Attendance award:  Susan and Michelle had perfect attendance for the year and their names were put into a drawing for a free membership for 2010.  Susan’s name was drawn.
  • Installation:  outgoing president, Debi Cypert installed the new officers for 2010.
  • Debi showed the President’s Quilt Blocks she was given.  Members were given the opportunity to make blocks and give them to Susan to present to Debi in recognition of her work as president over the last 2 years.
  • The business meeting was adjourned and we played the “Left/Right Game” as our Christmas entertainment.

Michelle Rodriguez

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