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  • May B-O-M
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  • Barbara Garner … July 11
  • Barbara Burnaugh … July 31


Wow, July already. I had plans to get so much done this year, but time keeps moving forward and I am not accomplishing as much as I wanted to. How many quilting projects do you have started? How many were started more than five years ago? I am trying to finish some projects I started a few years ago. I keep thinking of so many quilts I want to start (I already have the fabric) but I have so many I want to finish and there just are not enough hours in the day to do everything. I recently read on social media that some people actually finish a project before they start another one. I wish! What’s the fun in that???

Stay cool and keep quilting! See you at the July meeting.

Shirley Lewis


July is our birthday month. The Guild was formed July 5, 1993. We will celebrate our 26th birthday with a barbecue dinner from Eddlemon’s Barbecue. If you will not be at the meeting, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can order appropriately. Officers should bring drinks. We will also need a few desserts — for anyone that wants to bring dessert.
We will collect non-perishable food for the Grand Prairie Food & Clothing Co-Op. Please, no expired food. We will also accept paper goods for the Co-Op.

After dinner and the business meeting, we will have our auction. This is where you get to clean out your sewing rooms. You may bring anything you like that is quilting/sewing related that you no longer want. This can be orphan blocks, projects half done, partially used spools of thread, books, patterns, fabric yardage, fabric scraps, notions, tools, kits, etc. You may also bring new items. Please be sure that any yardage has a note with it that says how much yardage it is (you may use a piece of masking tape or a post it note). If you have something that you think should have a minimum bid on it – meaning it shouldn’t be sold for less than that, please make a note of that. You may bring a mystery bag. This could be a brown paper bag with items in it that you will not know what they are until the bidding for that bag is over. All the money raised from this auction will go to the Grand Prairie Food & Clothing Co-Op. As a side note, all bidding unless otherwise stated will start at $1. If you plan to bid/buy, be sure you bring your checkbook or cash.

Future programs:

As I mentioned at the meeting, I have planned the next few programs. In August we will have a schoolhouse program. Two people have volunteered to demonstrate, and I need a couple more. If you would like to demonstrate something at the August meeting, please let me know. September will be a make and take and October will be a guest speaker.

Michelle Rodriguez


On Saturday, August 3rd, we will have Kay and Jessica from Modern Vintage Quilting doing a workshop on how to marble fabrics. The cost of the workshop is $32 plus tax for 4 fat quarters. That will be payable the day of the workshop. They will bring all the supplies needed. A sign-up sheet will be available at the July meeting. This workshop will be at First Presbyterian Church of Grand Prairie and will be a come and go workshop. You will sign up for your 15 minute interval and that will be your time to marble. You may come earlier or stay later to watch others do their fabric. No fabrics will look the same. We must have a minimum of 10 people sign up for the workshop to make — so be sure that you can come before you sign up.

Debi Cypert


  • President Shirley Lewis called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. Quote for June is from Bear Creek Quilting Company: “No one expects the stamp collector to actually mail letters with his stamps. No one expects the coin collector to use his coins in a vending machine for soda. So why does everyone expect me to use my fabric to actually sew anything? I’m not a fabricaholic; I’m a fabric collector.”
  • The minutes of the May meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter.
  • The treasurer’s report was approved as printed in the newsletter and will be filed for audit.
  • We have three birthdays this month: Nicole on June 1st, Grace on June 19th, and Nancy Mills on June 30th.
  • Remembrances: Carrie delivered her twins in May and all are doing well. However, Carrie has been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy and is undergoing treatment. We also received a lovely thank you from a lady who received one of our blankets from Arlington Cancer Center.
  • Carol Franklin reported that our meetings are on the Grand Prairie calendar of events each month.
  • Jeri Bush reported we have 23 members and 1 visitor (Zoe Blanton) in attendance tonight.
  • Paco asked that we remember the deadline of the 10th of each month for submitting items for the newsletter and that we continue to send e-mails for him to blast in the same manner.
  • TAQG – Katrina still has admission and raffle tickets for sale. Remember to take your guild membership card to Rally Day as there are no membership rosters there and you will have to pay the non-member price ($20) to get in if you do not have a current card. Our guild ad has been submitted for the Rally Day program.
  • B-O-M – July will be the last month for our blocks made from strips. We will begin the more traditional blocks in August and these blocks will not be exchanged.
  • Workshops – Debi not able to attend but sent reminder of the mystery workshop to be held June 22nd at 1st Presbyterian Church from 9 to 3. Lunch is on our own. The marbling workshop will be on August 3rd and Debi will have a sign-up sheet at the July meeting. You must pick a time slot for this workshop. Cost will be $32 + tax.
  • Stitch-a-Bit – Meeting again on the 4th Thursday of June at First Presbyterian Church from 9 to 3. Lots of fun and lunch on your own.
  • We had no old business.
  • We had no new business.
  • Door Prizes: Winners were Margaret, Carol M., Ann, and Janice.
  • Show and Tell: Lauren, Christine, Zoe, Michelle, and Shirley A.
  • Next month will be our birthday party, and discussion was held about the dinner. Elisabeth moved we get barbecue from Eddlemon’s with the fixings. Becky 2nd. Motion carried. Officers will bring drinks, and everyone else is free to bring a dessert. We will also bring non-perishables for the GP Food and Clothing Co-op and will have our annual auction with the proceeds going to the Co-op.
  • Michelle brought tonight’s program on ‘How the internet and apps will help us with our quilting.’
  • Following the program, the meeting adjourned.

Sue Heard


You can still purchase admission tickets for the 2019 TAQG Rally Day at the July meeting. There are great prizes: gift certificates, rolling case, and a light box. Contact Katrina Lindley or bring check or cash to the June meeting! There are still spots available in the workshops. There is information about registering for them on the TAQG website TAQG.org

Rally Day is on Saturday July 13th at Inspiration Church (note new name), 1233 N Belt Line Rd., Mesquite. Doors open at 9 a.m. The program by Pam Holland (who is coming all the way from Australia) will begin at 10. She will give two presentations.

You will have an opportunity to view and purchase raffle tickets for over 25 quilts. There will be YLI thread and Pam’s items for sale. You may purchase tickets for the TAQG Rally Day Raffle with great prizes! The first 500 people through the door will receive a goody bag. There will be over 200 door prizes. There will be a silent auction of excellent quality hand-made items as well.

Katrina Lindley

(Please note church name change — address is the same)


  • Be sure to wear a name tag at our meetings. If you don’t wear a name tag, you will be charged 50 cents each time.
  • Articles for the newsletter are due by the 10th of the month. Any articles not received by the 10th of the month may or may not get published in that month’s newsletter.
  • The newsletter is published monthly usually within 10 days of the meeting date (first Monday of each month). You will receive an e-mail with a link to the website (qgogp.wordpress.com).
    All previous newsletters are archived on our website. You may also go to our Facebook page. Our newsletter link is posted there monthly. If, at any time, you cannot find your newsletter or have deleted the e-mail with the link, you could do an internet search for “quilter’s guild of grand prairie” to find our website.
  • If you have a question about a program, a workshop, or the block of the month, be sure to contact the person(s) in charge of whatever you have a question about. The names, phone numbers and e-mails are all listed in the newsletter.
  • Please silence your cell phone during our meetings.


If you have any questions about these directions, please contact Elisabeth McMahon.

How to make the strips

For the next 6 months, we will be working on a 12-block sampler quilt (wall-hanging or baby quilt).

Each block starts as a strip set, and the cutting instructions are the same for each block.

You will need a total of twelve  2.5 inch strips for all of the blocks.

  1. Choose four  2.5 inch strips. Cut each strip into half lengthwise (long ways). You will end up with eight 1.25 inch strips.
  2. Make a strip set by sewing four different strips together, and repeat for the other set of four strips. Use a very scant .25 inch seam. Press the seams all one way. Use ONE strip this month, and set the other aside until next month.
  3. Using the 45-degree line on your cutting mat or ruler, cut a series of right triangles for the entire strip.

  4. Cut each triangle in half:

You now have enough triangles to create two blocks for this month.

NOTE: Don’t try to save time by just flipping your ruler back and forth to cut the small triangles without cutting the pyramids first. The colors won’t be in the right place to form your blocks.


This is the last of the blocks for this small sampler. Hopefully in July, you can bring the block already set into your small quilt. If not, we’d love to see it at the August meeting, along with the first block of the Moonlight Dancers quilt.

    • July: Bring your July block HOPEFULLY included in your complete sampler quilt!** In July, I’ll show the first Moonlight block.
    • August: Bring your first Moonlight block

**Most of us have sewn blocks together with sashing, but here’s a link if it’s new to you:

Click the image to get the Moonlight Block:

Elisabeth McMahon

This quilt is based on a method found in a youtube video by Teresa DownUnder. View it at https://youtu.be/N7bEbIt9k1U


Beginning balance … $1450.03
No activity
Ending balance … $1450.03

Jane Lamb

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