March 2013 Newsletter

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  • Name tag
  • Block party block
  • Show-and-Tell
  • Door prizes for names beginning with F, G, H


What a fun night at the February meeting playing quilt bingo.  At least some of us had a lot of fun.  Ha! Ha!  Sorry couldn’t resist.  It was nice to have Peggy from Peggy’s Quilt store providing the fabric stripes and kisses.

I read an article the other day about how quilting is so good for you.  You use your brain figuring out how much fabric to buy and using math skills when making a quilt project.  The other benefits are too many to list.  Great fun, great fellowship, lots of laughs, beautiful finished projects, and a super group of friends.

See you in March. Happy quilting!

Jane Lamb


  • Jane welcomed to our meeting, Peggy from Peggy’s Quilt Studio who will do the program and Nancy Mills-Dickens, a former/returning member.
  • Birthday’s for February…..Debi, Jeri, Carol, Sue Taylor and Janis Hill.
  • Jane stated her daughter is with Barbara Burnaugh in Australia at this time.
  • Minutes of the last meeting were approved as published in the newsletter.
  • The Treasurer’s report was also approved and will be filed for audit……$1,141.08.
  • There were 21 members, including Nancy Mills-Dickens and 1 guest, Shara Hill-Scheibner present tonight. Membership directories are available tonight also.
  • The door-prizes went to Lillie, Linda and Cathy.
  • Michelle reminded everyone there is still space available for the May Retreat.
  • Elisabeth also reminded everyone about the workshop on Saturday, February 9 from 9-3 with a potluck lunch. Bring your 2 ½” strips for this project.
  • Grace won the 9 block-of-the-month blocks. Janis gave us the instructions for next month…The Dutchman’s Puzzle block. Nancy C. asked if everyone has their 12×12 blocks ready for the March meeting…..yellow is the theme.
  • The guild t­-shirts are here and everyone who ordered received their shirt. A t-shirt was presented to Paco in appreciation for all his time and all the computer and technical work he does for our guild.
  • The Dallas Quilt Show will be March 8-10. For more information go to
  • The audit committee of Katrina, Elisabeth and Barbara reported that all was in order in the audit of the Treasurer’s books for 2012. Grace made the motion to approve the audit report and was seconded by Marty. Motion passed.
  • Jane presented the pattern to be used for the wall-hanging our guild will give to the Presbyterian Church as a gift.
  • The dues for TAQG have been paid for 2013. Sue Taylor had lots of information from attending the meeting on Sat. Feb 2nd. Applications for a grant given to an individual guild are available.
  • For Rally Day in July… A door prize …$10-$50 to be donated by May 31st. 1-2 or more miniature quilts donated to be auctioned off. The quilts should be no larger than 24″ x 24″ and the application needed is in this newsletter. 500 goody-bag items with “GP Quilt Guild” on each one. There will be further discussion about purchasing an ad for the TAQG Program.
  • Nancy and Janis have planned the program for the March meeting as a “workshop meeting” for us to assemble 500 golf-tee pincushions, or as many as possible for the TAQG Rally Day goody bags.
  • Michelle made the motion that the guild donates $150.00 to the Church for allowing us the use of the meeting room. The motion did not pass. Marty made the motion of raising the amount to $200.00 and was seconded by Grace. This motion passed.
  • Show & Tell….Katrina, Sue Heard, Nancy Conner, Michelle, Nancy Mills-Dickens, Sue Taylor and Janis Hill all had beautiful things to show.
  • Program…Peggy from Peggy’s Quilt Studio in Arlington led us in “BINGO” using lots of 2 ½”strips of material from her shop as prizes for each game. Jane & Janice O. won the first game, Jane the second, Cathy the third and LUCKY Jane the last. Lots of fun for all.
  • Meeting adjourned after the program.

Margaret Alsup


At our March meeting we will be making our items for the Texas Association of Quilt Guilds (TAQG) Rally Day Goody Bag.

What is Rally Day and why do we need to participate?  Texas Association of Quilt Guilds holds a Rally Day each year on a Saturday in July.  For 2013 it is on July 13th and will be held at Mimosa Lane Baptist Church in Mesquite.

Each year there is a national speaker and anyone from any of the member guilds is invited to attend for free.

This year’s speaker is Sue Reich.  The speaker for 2014 is Pat Speth of Nickel Quilts fame.  Attendance at Rally Day is generally around 500.  Area guilds showcase their donation quilts and sell tickets, there are door prizes, a raffle basket,  and a silent auction of miniature quilts.

Each member guild is asked to contribute 500 items for the Rally Day goody bags that each person attending will receive upon entry.  Last year’s goody bags had lots of great items.

This year we will be making golf tee pin cushions.  This was a make and take that we did at a meeting in 2012.

We will set up various stations for an assembly line process.    Items that you can  bring to the meeting on March 4th: small sewing pins (we will use these to attach a small strip of paper to the pin cushion with our Guild’s name); sewing thread; hot glue gun; scissors; fiber fill or batting scraps; snack size ziploc bags.  The program committee (Janis Hill and Nancy Conner) will take care of getting the golf tees.  Michelle has volunteered to die cut felt and fabric prior to the meeting so that everyone will be able to start making the pin cushions right away after we get done with the business portion of the meeting.

We hope that each of our members will come and help make these and we hope that several of our members will attend Rally Day in July.


Our next retreat is May 17-19 at Victorian House Retreat in Weatherford.  Cost is $40 per person per night plus tax, minimum 2 nights  A deposit of $40 holds your space and space is limited to 12 people.  Some of us will go an extra night on Thursday, May 16 which will make it a 3 night retreat.  If you are interested, please let me know as soon as possible and get your deposit in.


This was a project begun by several quilters.

You can see their blocks at this website:

  1. The block will be 12″ by 12″ finished. It will be completely finished, quilted and bound.
  2. You are free to interpret the Theme in any way you choose, with any method you choose.
  3. I will choose the first Theme. Then someone from the group participating in the first month’s challenge will get to choose the next Theme.
  4. Blocks will be brought to the meeting and displayed. The block will be yours to keep.
  5. We will do one every two months, beginning in January.

Nancy Conner


It’s a new year and time for some reminders, courtesies, etc.

Our meetings start at 7 p.m. – sometimes a little after.  If you arrive after 7:10 p.m., the doors will be locked for safety issues.  You can try to get our attention by knocking on the door, or you can call Michelle’s cell phone (214-681-7917) and she’ll make sure you get in.

Our meetings usually end around 8:30 p.m.  Plan to stay for the program.  The program committee works hard to bring us good programs every month.  In order to be counted as “present” at the meeting, you must stay through at least the business portion of the meeting.

Silence your cell phones.  While those calls, texts, email alerts, etc. are important to you (or maybe not), they are definitely not important to us.  Please be courteous to the rest of us and put your phones and all of their alerts on silent.

Items for the Grand Prairie Food and Clothing Co-Op – while we are happy to accept your donations in the months we actively collect for the Co-Op, if you bring something during one of our “off” months, First Presbyterian Church collects all year.  They have collection boxes in the hallway before you reach the restrooms.  Please drop your items off in those boxes.  DO NOT leave your items in the hallway.  That just means someone else has to move your items to the collection point.

Items you no longer want – while we are happy to peruse through your quilting and crafting magazines and happy to go through fabric or thread or other items you no longer want, please do not leave what is left on the church tables.  If you brought it in, it is your responsibility to dispose of it or take it home after the meeting if all items are not taken.  Effective immediately, if items of this nature are left behind and you are already gone, it is to the discretion of the person (people) that found the items to take them or throw them away.  It is also recommended that if you do not want your name left on the magazines that you make sure it is not there when you set them out.  We are not responsible for making sure your mailing label is torn off.


Beginning balance  … 1809.08
T-Shirts … 14.00
Ending balance … 1823.08


Pattern in on page 3 of the newsletter.



The form is on page 5 of the newsletter.


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