March 2009 Newsletter

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DOOR PRIZES: If your last name begins with B or C please bring a door prize to the March meeting and give it to Sue Heard. This is a voluntary effort, but most of us like to receive a door prize and we hope everyone will participate. Please bring only quilting related items such as: Quilting Notions, fat quarters, triangle paper, magnetic pin holders, scissors, Pigma pens, etc.


  • Name tag
  • Door prizes for B or C
  • Block party Block
  • Show-and-Tell

PRESIDENT’S CORNER I have really tried to start my year out right and get my sewing room organized.  My dilemma was how to store my fat quarters – I had run out of room in drawers.  I came up with the idea of using skirt hangers, the kind you get at the department stores, and hanging my fat quarters according to color.  So far so good.  Maybe we need to have each member publish their organizing tips in the newsletter.  I’ll bet I could learn a lot!  See you in March!

Debi Cypert
Carol Franklin: February 2
Debi Cypert: February 3
Debra Johnson: February 28

MARCH PROGRAM The March program will be given by Linda LaFleurs of Berry Patch Fabrics, located on Hulen south of I-20. She will talk about new fabric lines, some designers whose patterns they carry (besides quilts, they carry a lot of bags and other items like aprons and jackets), and their system for using up your stash. She will have some items for sale. Berry Patch Fabrics Web site is

QUILT RETREAT?? Do any of you have an interest in doing a weekend retreat?  I have done some checking on prices and they start at $110 per person for two nights (we furnish our own food).  Of course the price goes up considerably if the food is furnished or if the retreat includes an instructor or is for a longer period of time.  Be thinking about whether you are interested and we can discuss it at the next meeting.

Shirley Lewis



This block takes a combination of three colors. One light, one medium, and one dark. The light should be a white/white, white, or white muslin.
* The medium and dark can be a combination of your choice.

A = From light cut one 7 1/4 inch square. This square should be divided twice diagonally.


(Quarter -square triangles)
B=From medium cut two 6 7/8 inch squares. These squares need to be
cut diagonally in half.


(Half square triangles)
C=From dark cut one 7 1/4 inch square. This square should be divided twice diagonally.


(Quarter-square triangles)
Another combination would be to reverse the medium and dark for
a different look.

*Remember that if you are keeping a square for yourself, you will want
to coordinate your colors with the two preceding blocks.

HEALTH FAIR The City of Grand Prairie hosts a health fair for its employees each year (and we have about 900 employees). The Quilt Guild has been invited to staff a table and talk about the guild (their theory is that quilting can help your mental health).  The fair is March 31, a Tuesday, from 11 to 3 at the Bowles Life Center.  I’ll bring it up at the March meeting, and if enough people are willing to sit and talk (hey, bring your hand sewing and a quilt or 2 to show) then we can do it.

Elisabeth McMahon


MARCH WORKSHOP We will meet at First Presbyterian Church March 7 for the Crazy Quilt workshop from 9:00-3:00. We will be learning more about crazy quilts and work on our own creation.   I hope you have started gathering your fabrics for the project you  have chosen.  Remember, if you don’t want a quilt, you can make a pillow, vest, tote bag, wall hanging, table runner, place mats, or whatever you want with “fancy” fabrics such as silk, satin, velvet, brocade, old ties, or cottons.  Or, you can just play around with the technique for future projects. Bring your fabrics, including your foundation fabric, as well as sewing supplies such as ruler, sewing machine, thread, cutting mat, rotary cutter, scissors, etc.
Bring a salad or other dish to share for lunch along with any drinks and snacks for the day.  The sign up sheet will be available again at the March meeting.

MAY WORKSHOP The second workshop of 2009 will be May 16 from 9:00-3:00 at First Presbyterian Church.  At this workshop we will go to a very traditional block, The Irish Chain.  Traditionally this is a two-color quilt, but there are many variations of the original pattern such as Double Irish Chain, Triple Irish Chain, Bits & Pieces, and others that call for two or three colors as well as the background.  I was surprised to see patterns made with scraps.  I have several books and magazines with patterns and everyone will decide which variation to make as well as the size.  Strip piecing will make the project go quickly.  I will have a sign-up sheet available at upcoming meetings.

SERVICE PROJECT WORKSHOP I want to schedule a date to work on quilts for a service project during the summer.  In the past we have donated to ABC Quilts, to the VA, and to other groups.  Grace has lots of strips already cut that we can make into quilts. If you want to help but can’t come to a Saturday workshop, you are encouraged to work on projects at home.   Also, we need to decide on making the patriotic quilt from the fabric Juanita wants to donate to the Guild.  Please think about these projects so we can set a date and decide on projects.

Shirley Lewis


  • The February 20 meeting of the Quilter’s Guild of Grand Prairie was called to order by President Debi Cypert at 7 p.m.
  • The minutes from the January meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter.
  • The treasurer’s report was approved and filed for audit.
  • Remembrances:  Cathy Mullin’s daughter, Jennifer, will soon be undergoing treatment for recurrence of melanoma; former member Ofelia Mullens is very ill; former member Barbara Jones recently had a stroke; Carol Franklin recently fell at work; new member Ernestine Redman will be having surgery this month.
  • Birthdays this month were Carol & Debi.
  • Membership:  20 members (including one new member) and  two guests.  New member is Ernestine Redman and the guests were former member Jane Lamb and Ruth Callahan.  Lisa will have membership directories available at the next meeting, as well as membership cards.
  • Newsletter:  Liza Faust has inquired about a yearly rate for her business-card size ad. Motion was made, seconded and approved to add a yearly rate to the advertising rate schedule of $75 for 12 months for the 1/8 page size ad.
  • Block Party:  17 blocks turned in; winner was Joyce Smith.  Grace showed the March block and it will be in the newsletter.
  • Workshops:  First workshop of the year will be on Crazy Quilting on March 7 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church.  Sign-up sheet is available tonight.
  • March program will be Linda from the Berry Patch.  Old business:  2008 audit of the books will be done after tonight’s meeting.
  • Door prizes:  Michelle, Shirley, Susan.
  • Show & Tell:  Lisa, Michelle, Wanda, Sandy, Susan, and our visitor, Ruth.
  • Tonight’s program was about everyone’s favorite quilt books or patterns and why we liked them.  Several people brought some with them.  Elisabeth also brought books from the library’s collection.  She also discussed the Antiques Reference.  This can be used to search for past or present auctions to see what an antique quilt might be worth or some other antique you might have.  You can access this through the library’s web site:
  • Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Michelle Rodriguez

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