October 2017 Newsletter

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  • Name tag
  • Block party block
  • Show-and-Tell
  • Door prizes for M and N


  • Pam Landrum … October 15

  • Shara Hill-Scheibner … October 17

  • Cathy Mullin … October 27

  • Christine Blanton … October 28


Fall is upon us! I know many of you are ready for cooler weather, but that just means that Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner! Where has this year gone? Did you participate in the Mug Rug Challenge? Everyone that participated was so creative! How about the Half Square Triangle Challenge – are you participating in that for our November meeting? I can’t wait to see everyone’s creations!

Create something wonderful this month and don’t forget to bring it to show and tell! Don’t forget that each month you bring something for show and tell your name goes into a drawing to be held the end of the year (one entry per month – regardless of the number of items you show that month).

Michelle Rodriguez


The nominating committee will form at our October meeting.  First Vice President Programs (Carrie) and Membership Chair (Shirley L.) are automatically on the committee.  We will elect 3 people from the members present to serve with them.  Officer elections will be at the November meeting.  We elect all 5 positions each year.  Those positions are President, First Vice President – Programs, Second Vice-President – Workshops, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The treasurer and both vice president positions must be replaced for 2018 as they have each served 2 consecutive years.  Secretary and president may continue on in 2018 as this is their first year.  Please consider serving on the nominating committee if asked or as an officer if asked.


Welcome to our new member and visitors!  Patsy Martin joined at our September meeting and Sharon Schroeder visited and plans to join at our October meeting.  Sophia Lewis visited in September and plans to join as a junior member at our October meeting.  Be sure to introduce yourself to all of them!


Thank you to everyone who participated in our wonderful Mug Rug Challenge! It was so fun getting to see everyone’s creativity!

For October, Evelyn is planning on teaching us her technique for quilt as you go. You will not need to bring anything except your eyes and ears to hear what she will have to teach us.

November will be our “Half Square Triangle Challenge”, and the October meeting will be your last chance to put your name on the list. If for some reason you cannot make it to our meeting this coming month, please e-mail me at customerservice@angelsandmoore.com to add your name. I will ask Paco to send out an e-mail with the rules one last time for you!

Also, If you have the fourth Operation Shoebox bag, please return to us this coming meeting so we may finish up the quilts for donation!

Thank you all!

Carrie Stanford


  • Meeting called to order
  • Welcome
    • President welcomed group to meeting
  • Approve Guild minutes as in the newsletter
  • Approved as written
  • Approve Treasurer’s report as in the newsletter
    • No questions or comments
    • Filed for audit
  • Current Treasurer’s report
    • Beginning balance: $1,538.58
    • Ending balance: $1,386.58
    • $152 for Eddelmon’s
  • Birthdays
    • Katrina 8/4
    • Lauren 8/11
    • Judy 8/23
  • Remembrances
    • Michelle’s dad is in the hospital
    • Graces’s father-in-law passed
    • Evelyn’s brother had knee surgery
  • Announcements
    • Salvation Army Youth craft-a-thon 10/21 – see Michelle for information
    • If you use Guild’s name in requesting donations those donations must go to the whole guild
  • TAQG
    • Rally day was fun – a few guild members won door prizes
    • Next rally day is second Saturday in July
  • Newsletter
    • Items for the newsletter should be submitted to Paco By the 10th of the month
    • Newsletter coming from contact@paco.org (Francisco=Paco)
    • Newsletter items can be sent to Paco or Michelle
  • Block of the Month
    • Reminder that each person that chooses to participate will keep their blocks each month
    • Next month
      • Windblown Square – make 3
      • Tippecanoe – make 4
    • Call Christine if you have any questions on directions
  • Membership
    • 26 members in attendance
    • 3 visitors
    • Failure to wear a name tag will result in a $.50 fine
  • Workshops
    • 9 people at panel workshop
    • Next workshop will be at the end of the year to work on BOM in early December
  • Program for next month
    • Mug rug challenge
    • Upcoming half-square triangle challenge sign-up sheet is here tonight
  • Publicity
    • Quilt Guild meetings are in the calendar of events for Grand Prairie for the rest of 2017
  • Stitch group
    • This month the stitch group will not be held due to the sewing expo being held the same time
  • Show & Tell
    • The following members shared their projects with the group
      • Evelyn (spinning log cabin), Carrie, Becky, Christine, Pam, Marcy, Lauren, Shirley A., Jane, Nancy
      • Also, the people that finished their panel quilts: Christine, Michelle, Shirley L., Carrie and Evelyn
      • Carrie and Evelyn showed all of the lap quilts made for Operation Shoebox
  • Door Prizes
    • Winners of the door prize drawing
      • Michelle, Janis, Barbara, Lauren
  • Old business
    • Workshop with Debra B. – no update as shop owner has not been available
  • New business
    • Grace shared that she has all of the blocks from the guild across the years and has matched them all with the appropriate newsletter
      • Michelle will go back to the newsletter to find out what was voted on when this was discussed in the past so that we can discuss at our next meeting
    • Barbara Burnaugh shared her Rare Bear update. She also provided the information on how to participate
  • Program for this month
    • Schoolhouse
      • Michelle
      • Shirley
      • Evelyn
      • Debi

Becky Petross


  • Be sure to wear a name tag at our meetings. If you don’t wear a name tag, you will be charged 50 cents each time.
  • Articles for the newsletter are due by the 10th of the month. Any articles not received by the 10th of the month may or may not get published in that month’s newsletter.
  • The newsletter is published monthly usually within 10 days of the meeting date (first Monday of each month). You will receive an e-mail with a link to the website (qgogp.wordpress.com).
    All previous newsletters are archived on our website. You may also go to our Facebook page. Our newsletter link is posted there monthly. If, at any time, you cannot find your newsletter or have deleted the e-mail with the link, you could do an internet search for “quilter’s guild of grand prairie” to find our website.
  • If you have a question about a program, a workshop, or the block of the month, be sure to contact the person(s) in charge of whatever you have a question about. The names, phone numbers and e-mails are all listed in the newsletter.
  • Please silence your cell phone during our meetings.

Michelle Rodriguez


Is there anyone in the Guild that long-arm quilts wounded warrior quilts for free? People should provide top, backing and batting. Quilts then bound by owners and given to wounded warriors.

Patsy Martin


The October Block of the Month is “Tassel Flower.”

Please read the tutorials before you start!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Christine 214-284-4906

October – Tassel Flower (Make 1) block tutorial:


Dutch Rose (1)


Savannah (2)

Farmer’s Daughter


Another Star (1)

Jack in the Box (2)


Arrowhead (1) — Was Rolling Pinwheel


St Louis Star (1) Paper Pieced


Pinwheel Skew (2) Paper Pieced

Pieced Star (3)


Wandering Foot (1) Template



Crazy Ann (2)

See Saw (4)


Windblown (3)

 Tippecanoe (4)


Tassel Flower (1) Paper Pieced


Grandmother’s Choice (1) – was Hayes Corner

Clay’s Choice (4)


Weathervane (2) & Assembly Instruction

Christine Blanton


  • Beginning balance  … $1,386.58

  • Membership dues  … 15

  • Ending balance … $1401.58

Janis Hill

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