March 2008 Newsletter

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DOOR PRIZES: If your last name begins with M or N please bring a door prize to the March meeting and give it to Elisabeth McMahon. This is a voluntary effort, but most of us like to receive a door prize and we hope everyone will participate. Please bring only quilting related items such as: Quilting Notions, fat quarters, triangle paper, magnetic pin holders, scissors, Pigma pens, etc.

MEMBERSHIP NEWS: Sandy will have our 2008 membership cards ready for pickup at the March 3 meeting.

Also, if you have forgotten to pay your dues for 2008, please be sure to do so at the March 3 meeting. The sign/in table at the February meeting was pretty busy with all of our guests and it would have been an easy thing to overlook.

PRESIDENT’S CORNER: I was thrilled with the turnout at our February meeting that featured Dr. Locke and “The Last Supper Quilt.” Dr. Donald E. Locke and his wife were very entertaining and informative. Also, as an added bonus we have a new “old” member, Sue Heard. It was so good to see her and have her rejoin our Guild. I also ran into former member Jimmie Geer at the Bear Creek Quilt show and she reminded me of what we all know — we have a great group of women in our Guild and we promote a friendly atmosphere.

Thanks to all members that brought refreshments for the meeting. They were appreciated and enjoyed. Also, thanks to Michelle for getting the room set up.

Hope to see everyone at the March meeting. Have a good month.

Debi Cypert

GET WITH THE PROGRAM! For the March 3 program, we will be hosting Alissa Orr from Just Stitchin’ in Cedar Hill. She is going to do a program on the jelly roll quilts. Jelly rolls are 2.5″ strips of fabric which have already been cut from selvedge to selvedge, and are used to make many different designs. After she does her program, we will have an opportunity to shop the wares that they bring to our meeting.

As you shop, keep this in mind: For the May program, we will be bringing our ugly fabric to the meeting. You can decide after the March program if you would rather cut your ugly fabric into strips or into charm squares. Or you can do half of each. We will have an exchange of ugly fabric in May, and in November, we will be having a style show with each of us showing what we have created with our ugly fabric. A list of items to be collecting for future programs was handed out at the last meeting. On this list was a sweatshirt, or a Christmas stocking pattern. The style show will showcase either your sweatshirt jacket, or a stocking that you have created. During the course of the year, you might like to know that we are going to do a “hands on” program to create a crazy quilt block. Thus the choice of charm squares for the cutting up of the ugly fabric.

Hope you all enjoy the March program.

Susan Cantrell


  • Used dryer sheets
  • 1.25 yards of the ugliest fabric you can find
  • Buttons
  • Lace
  • Rickrack
  • Fusible interfacing – single sided
    • a. A sweatshirt that will fit you – do not get one with raglan sleeves, or
    • b. A pattern for a Christmas stocking
  • Chenille strips
  • Any sewing related items that you no longer want
  • Perle cotton in whatever size you like
  • If you wish, some of the yarns which are new and very different, somewhat decorative
  • Silk ribbon for embroidery
  • Charms or little fabric flowers


Log Cabin

This will be a 4 patch. We will make a series of 4 Log Cabins & then arrange them in a fashion that appeals to each person. We will begin with a center square that is 2 1/2” square. Traditionally, it is red to represent the hearth of the home. So, to make the 4 patch, you will need to cut a 2 1/2 strip that is 10 – 10 1/2” inches long, then cut that into 2 1/2” strips. Next cut your first light into a 1 1/2” strip. We will sew all 4 squares onto this strip, then cut them apart, iron them, then sew the 2 together onto the same strip. Continue around the center square in the #X order.

The finished size of each block should be 6 1/2” square, sewn together it should be 12 1/2” square. Square up each of the 4 blocks before sewing into the larger square. After you decide how you want the blocks arranged, sew the 2 top sections together, then the 2 bottom sections, then sew the 2 sets together.


  • The Feb. 4, 2008 meeting was called to order by President Debi Cypert at 7 p.m. There were 21 members and more than 25 guests present. The minutes were approved as printed in the newsletter. The Treasurer reported a balance of $1,329.03 as of Jan. 31, 2008. Birthdays were Carol Franklin, Debi Cypert and Debra Johnson.
  • The first workshop of the year will be at First Presbyterian Church on March 15 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Maria Holmes will lead the “Magic Stack ‘N Whack workshop based on the book by Bethany S. Reynolds. Maria brought some quilts she has finished using this method and talked about the type of fabric needed. Shirley has a sign up sheet and supply list.
  • The March program will be presented by Alissa Orr with Just Stitchin’ Quilt Shop in Cedar Hill. She will be talking about jelly rolls and will have some goods for sale.
  • Block of the month: The “Stars” row is the first row in the row quilt. Grace brought her completed row and reminded everyone participating to bring their completed row to the March meeting.
  • Door prizes were won by Pat Johnson, Grace Norris, Janice Overton, and one of our guests.
  • Show and Tell: Wanda, Susan, Michelle and Nancy all had show and tell.
  • The program was presented by Donald and Marilyn Locke of Waxahachie. They presented their antique trunk show and showed their wonderful quilt, “The Supper”. Several guild members had invited friends to see the program. Susan had her 5 minute beginner class after the program on the Log Cabin block. (That pattern is in the newsletter).
  • The meeting was adjourned at about 8:30 p.m.

Michelle Rodriguez


MARCH WORKSHOP: Saturday, March 15 is the date set for our Magic Stack N Whack Workshop from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church. Maria Holmes was at our February meeting and showed two of her quilts and samples of suitable fabrics to use for the pattern. I will bring the fabrics to the March meeting so you can view them again in case you are unsure of what to purchase. I was excited to find that I have enough of at least two fabrics on hand for the main part of the quilt. I’m still sorting through all my stash to see if I have the background and accent fabrics.

Maria assures me that this quilt will be great for beginners as well as experienced quilters and says we can finish the main part of the quilt during the workshop. Maria is leading this workshop for free, so I am asking each of you to bring two or three fat quarters to show your appreciation for her time and effort. I will bring a container for all the fat quarters. If you have not signed up for the workshop, you can do so at the March meeting.

Please bring a salad to share for lunch and whatever snacks and drinks you may want for the morning and afternoon.

Maria’s handout shows some of the supplies needed, but I will attempt to give you a more complete list: Fabrics for quilt, 5″ wide straight ruler with a 60 degree line on it (the main thing is to have a ruler with a 60 degree line), flat head pins, sewing machine, thread, scissors, rotary cutter and cutting mat, extension cord. We will also need a couple of irons and ironing boards or ironing mats, the Magic Stack N Whack book by Bethany S. Reynolds (or you can use the handouts Maria will prepare).

Shirley Lewis

MAY 17 WORKSHOP: I was going to wait to announce this, but our March program fits in with my May plans. Our March program is on jelly rolls, which will be what our May workshop will be. Michelle will show her Jelly Braids quilt at the March meeting and that is the workshop she will lead in May. Since our guest speaker will talk about jelly rolls and bring them to sell, what a perfect opportunity for you to get the fabric needed for the workshop! More details later.

Shirley Lewis

PROFILE This year to help everyone get a little bit better acquainted with the members of the guild, we’ll spotlight a different member each month. We’ll start with the new officers.

Spotlight on Susan Cantrell
Programs Committee

I started quilting in 1995, by taking a beginner’s class from Betty Edgsell at Quilting, Etc. in Irving. We did a sampler quilt with 9 blocks, and each block was progressively more difficult. But, by the time that we finished, I felt like I could tackle any project.

To me, quilting is like putting a puzzle together, and I like puzzles, and I like fabric, so I was hooked. I used quilting as a medium to express a serious grief that year, and when I finished the quilt, I put that grief away too, as much as I could. Then, I made a quilt for my son that had just joined the Navy. Another form of a grief quilt, but at least he came back home. So, I guess it started out as therapy for me.

I took more classes, including a class in color at the same quilt shop. I learned a lot about value, and warm colors vs. cool colors. I bought several books on color, and started trying to make quilts that would make you stop and really look at them. Some have worked that way, some have not. Regardless, that is always my goal.

I cannot remember exactly what year I joined the GP Quilt Guild, but it had to be either 1995 or 1996. I quit going to meetings in 1998, because I started back to college in June, right after my youngest son graduated from high school in May. When I graduated from college in 2004, I started coming back to meetings.

I have soaked up the Simply Quilts show at every opportunity, have attended guild meetings and quilt shows, and tried to network with other quilters at every possible occasion. That is because none of the females that I grew up with and still keep in touch with – sew. But, I think almost all quilters have this inherent goodness about them, and I just love that world.

Through Cathy Mullin, I was commissioned to make a T-shirt quilt, for a young lady in Plano. It turned out so good, that I was then hired to teach t-shirt quilts at Lone Star House of Quilting. I started teaching beginning quilting out of my house, so I can support my very expensive hobby. These students have since become some of my customers in my Long Arm business.

In 1999, I took classes from Linda Taylor on the long arm machines. We had to drive to McKinney every day for 3 days to take these classes. Since I was going to college, I was not willing to commit to the payments on a big machine at that point in time. So, I waited until the April before I graduated in May of 2004, and made an executive decision that it was going to be time for the big machine sometime in the near future. But, in order to acquire a machine of this size, I needed a room to accommodate it. So, I started looking at different builders and in different cities, trying to find a builder that had a big enough game room to fit the big mama jama into.

I stumbled across the Legacy Homes in Mansfield, Texas, and really liked the big rooms that this builder has in their homes. So, I searched the Internet for their locations, and lo and behold, GP was going to have a subdivision. By the time they finally opened for a “pre-grand opening”, I was the fourth person to sign a contract. The house was built, the room was designated, and the wheels were turning. My youngest son tells me that I built my house around a quilting machine, and he is correct.

Now, I operate The Quilted Eagle business out of my house. I have the long arm business, I teach beginning quilt making, and I sell Quilter’s Rule square up rulers. My first love is still piecing the tops, but that seems to be something in the past right now. I do enjoy having quilting friends over for stitch groups, and also enjoy when my customers drop off and pick up their quilts. Until I got a boyfriend, I was entertaining ideas about having a retreat at my house. It’s certainly big enough, and I have a spare bedroom, but never leaving GP doesn’t really seem like one would be retreating very much.

BLOCK OF THE MONTH/ROW QUILT: The first row of the row quilt is “Stars”. If you are participating, don’t forget to bring the completed row to the March 3 meeting. Seeing everyone’s completed first row should be motivating and inspiring for the next row!

Grace Norris
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