November 2010 Newsletter

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DOOR PRIZES: If your last name begins with O, R or S please bring a door prize to the September meeting and give it to Sue Heard This is a voluntary effort, but most of us like to receive a door prize and we hope everyone will participate. Please bring only quilting related items such as: Quilting Notions, fat quarters, triangle paper, magnetic pin holders, scissors, Pigma pens, etc.


  • Name tag
  • Door prizes for O, R or S
  • Block party block
  • Show-and-Tell



Just a short note to all going on the retreat…have a great time and sorry I’m going to miss this one.  Looking forward to seeing all new projects that will be completed next weekend.

Don’t buy out all the fabric shops in Weatherford….leave some for me next time. Until next month.

Marty Staten


Effective with the November 1st meeting, the door to the church will be locked promptly at 7 p.m.  If you are arriving to the meeting late, it will be necessary for you to get our attention by knocking on the door (the doorbell rings in the church office, so we won’t hear it if you ring it).  If knocking on the door doesn’t get our attention, you may call Michelle’s cell phone at 214-681-7917 and someone will come let you in.

Michelle Rodriguez


It’s election time for 2011 Guild officers.  The nominating committee met immediately after the October meeting and offer the following slate:  President – Marty Staten, 1st Vice President (programs) – Shirley Lewis,  2nd Vice President (workshops) – Michelle Rodriguez, Secretary – Sue Heard, Treasurer – Grace Norris.

You are also invited to nominate someone from the floor during the meeting.  In that event, we would have paper ballots to vote.

Shirley Lewis


Sheila Kinsey…. November 17

Janice Overton… November 23



As an introduction to the Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler project many of us will be starting in January, our November program will be about some of the quilt-themed novels on the market.  How do authors choose the subject of their novels and how extensive is their research?  Do they draw from their own experiences?  What kind of response do they get from their readers?  We’ll explore a few of the popular authors.  Any ideas you have will be welcome and if you like a particular series of books, please be prepared to share.

Shirley Lewis and Elisabeth McMahon



We had a lot of interest in starting a group to work on the Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler Quilt.

To recap my articles from the last couple of months, if you follow the Elm Creek Quilts series of books by Jennifer Chiaverini, there is a quilt called Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler in the sixth book of the series.  Jennifer has compiled a pattern book for the whole quilt and the pattern is 140 6 inch blocks.  This is a quilt that I want to make, but know I will lose my inspiration after the first few blocks.  To get and keep us inspired, I asked the Guild at the September meeting if there was enough interest in making this quilt to re-start the Stitch-a-Bit Stitch Group.  There was sufficient interest, so we will re-start the Stitch Group and meet the 4th Monday of each month.  Our first meeting will be Monday, January 24, 2011 at 7 p.m.  at The Woods United Methodist Church.  This church is located on Bardin Road just west of Robinson Road.

This group is for anyone interested in making any or all blocks of the quilt.  If you don’t want to make all the blocks of the quilt, feel free to pick and choose which blocks you want to do.  There are blocks for all skill levels.  Some blocks are paper pieced, some are template pieced, some are traditional piecing.  There are some blocks with applique.  We can use the monthly meeting time to work on the month’s blocks, to get help if we’re having trouble with a particular block, or to get nudged into catching up.  Hopefully we’ll all stay caught up, but really, sometimes life just gets in the way.

Everyone will need to purchase the book and it can be found on or for about $20 (you get free shipping at both of these websites if you meet minimum order requirements).  You may be able to find it at Joann’s and if you have a coupon, you could get it cheaper than the retail of $28.95.

If you want to know fabric requirements, the pattern in the book lists about 28 yards of fabric needed for the entire quilt.  You could use fabric from your stash or scraps or purchase all new fabric for your quilt.  Or, you could do a combination of all three.  It’s your quilt.  The sky is the limit.

For those of you interested in making the quilt, I will work up a spreadsheet with the blocks and the order we’ll plan to do them.  I’m thinking we’ll plan to do 3 or 4 blocks each month, but when we get to blocks that are more involved, we may change the number of blocks for that particular month.

Michelle Rodriguez


Beginning balance: 1354.39
Ending balance:  1354.39


The October 4th meeting of the Quilter’s Guild of Grand Prairie was called to order by President Marty Staten at 7 P.M.

  • The minutes of the September meeting were approved as written in the newsletter.
  • The treasurer’s report indicated a balance of $1,354.39 and was filed for audit.
  • Birthdays were Pat Johnson, Shara Hill-Scheibner and Cathy Mullin.
  • Membership: 19
  • Remembrances: Carol Franklin’s Daughter-in-law had passed away.
  • Jane Lamb asked to be remembered.  She will be having surgery the end of October
  • Michelle advised that there are no workshops slated for the remainder of the year.
  • The retreat will be Oct. 22, 23 and 24. She also gave info on the “Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler”group for those interested. The stitch group will start meeting again on January 24 at The Woods United Methodist Church.
  • The Nominating Committee formed tonight: Shirley, Janice Overton, Grace, Michelle and Jeri.
  • Grace talked about being careful when ordering magazines, etc to be sure you get what you ask for and not anything else.
  • Block of the Month was won by Janis Hill.
  • Door Prizes won by Jeri, Carol, Michelle and Lillie.
  • Show and Tell: Janis Hill, Michelle, Elizabeth, Margaret, Grace, Wanda and Barbara.
  • Elisabeth brought us an interesting program about Quilting Designs and several examples of books in the G.P. Library that are available concerning same.  Next month’s program will be on quilter’s fiction.

Wanda Cargile


Pattern is pages 3-5 of the newsletter.


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