June 2013 Newsletter

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  • Name tag
  • Block party block
  • Show-and-Tell
  • Door prizes for names beginning with O, P, R


Kathy Poole … June 1
Grace Norris … June 19
Tory Swartzwelder … June 29


WOW, so excited to see all the new members. Everyone has something unique to bring to the meetings, so the more members the more we can learn. Can’t wait to get to know each of you. Here’s a test to see who reads this and complies. If you aren’t wearing a name tag, please make one and wear it at the meetings. It really helps each of get to know everyone and to call each member by name. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just needs your first and last name. Looking forward to seeing what you make and wear in June.

Happy quilting!

Jane Lamb


  • Jane called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. and welcomed our new members, Lauren Charron, Christine Blanton, Kathleen Poole and Vickie Bramblet. We had 26 members present tonight.
  • Sue Heard was the Birthday girl for May.
  • Remembrances…Both Jane and Lillie are continuing to do well in recovering from their surgeries.
  • The minutes from the April meeting were approved as written in the newsletter.
  • Debi reported no change in the treasurer’s report balance of $1,430.13 and it will be filed for audit.
  • Door prizes were won by Grace, Margaret, Shara and Katrina won the 2 free tickets to the Arlington Quilt Show.
  • Michelle reminded everyone that the retreat is next weekend, May 17th, 18th and 19th. Eight ladies are planning to attend.
  • Elisabeth stated that the material requirement and cutting instructions are correct as printed in the April newsletter for the Mystery workshop. The workshops will be on June 29th and July 27th.
  • Shara won the 13 May blocks for the B-O-M. Janis had the instructions and colors for the June block..Diagonal Square Block.
  • Old Business…Several ladies presented Jane with blocks for the Quilts of Valor campaign and the wall-hanging the guild is donating to the church has been finished. We received a “Thank-You” note from the church for our donation of $200.
  • Michelle made the motion and was seconded by Shirley for Jane to replenish her supply of birthday fat-quarters.
    Sue Taylor reported on the upcoming TAQG Rally day. She will be donating the Door-Prize ($10-50) for our group and Janis will try to get donations and ads. Raffle tickets were on sale tonight and lunches could be ordered for $10. May 28th is the deadline for submitting a miniature quilt for the auction. Sue explained about the TAQG and the different things going on during Rally Day.
  • Janis had a new challenge…”I spy quilts” for anyone interested.
  • Grace made the motion and Marty seconded for Janis to purchase the fleece for our next meeting when we will be making the donation blankets for the children’s hospital.
  • 12×12 Challenge…Nancy had 9 blocks displayed for the “yee-haw” theme for May. Grace chose the July theme…Nature’s Beauty.
  • Show & Tell …. Nancy, Sue Heard, Katrina, Lauren (her first quilt), Tory, Vickie, Elisabeth, Janis and Shara had items to show.
  • Program…Grace had 5 quilts that were old and had been given to her to show us and then we broke into groups to go to “quilting school”.
  1. Nancy … batting samples and quilt-as-you-go samples.
  2. Vickie …English paper piecing
  3. Shara …New ruler Creative Grids
  4. Janis …Fusible web appliqué.

Margaret Alsup


Eight of us had a great time at our May retreat.  While we were there we booked our next two retreats.  Our Fall retreat will be October 18, 19, 20.  If you want to go an extra night, October 17th will be an option.  Cost is $40 per night plus tax.  A $40 deposit will hold your spot.  If you are interested in attending, please get me your deposit as soon as possible.  I need to get the deposits to the Retreat after our June meeting to secure our reservation.


Welcome to our new members — Lauren, Christine, Kathleen and Vickie. Their information is as follows and should be added to your membership directory:

Lauren Charron
3302 Wilmington Dr.
Grand Prairie, TX 75052
Birthday: 8/11

Christine Blanton
3302 Wilmington Dr.
Grand Prairie, TX 75052
Birthday: 10/28

Kathleen Poole
828 Fair Oaks Drive
Grand Prairie, TX 75052
Birthday: 6/1

Vickie Bramblet
852 Colson Drive
Arlington, TX 76002
Birthday: 11-11


The next workshop will be a two-part workshop on June 29 and July 27.  This will be a mystery quilt with lots of parts.  You will get your cutting instructions and fabric requirements prior to June 29.

On June 29 we’ll see how far we get and determine where we’ll start on July 27.  The idea being that we are able to do most of the mystery quilt in the workshop rather than at home.  Size is approximately 57×57 or 69×69 with borders.

The workshops will be 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church and we’ll do a potluck lunch.  If you have any questions, please contact Elisabeth.


Please silence your cell phones during the meeting.  It is terribly distracting when your phone rings or your e-mail alerts, etc. go off during the meeting.  Please either put them on vibrate or turn them off.

If you bring items for give away and put them out — it is YOUR responsibility for making sure that what’s left  is picked up or disposed of properly .  If you’re gone and the items are still there, unless someone rescues them, they will  most likely go in the trash.  Please be mindful of cleaning up after yourselves.


Jane will accept the blocks through the June 3rd meeting.  The pattern is included in the newsletter.


Our June 3rd program will be making fleece blankets for Children’s Medical Center.  The guild will provide the fleece.  Everyone should bring a pair of big scissors.


Beg. balance … $1,430.13
Deposit (dues) … 75.00
New Balance … $1,505.13


Pattern in on page 3 of the newsletter.


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