April 2013 Newsletter


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  • Name tag
  • Block party block
  • Show-and-Tell
  • Door prizes for names beginning with J, L


April is one of my favorite months in the year.  I love seeing all the flowers begin to bloom and the trees budding out.  There are so many quilt shows in the spring.  It is such fun and inspiration to go and see what other quilters have done with their talents.  Besides there are always really cool vendors with neat gadgets and beautiful fabric.  Hope to see some of you at the quilt shows.

Happy quilting!

Jane Lamb


  • The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. Jane welcomed three visitors to the meeting, Linda Boggus, a former member¸ Christine Blanton & Lauren Charron. Shara has rejoined.
  • Remembrances: Marty’s sister-in­-law passed away. Marty is in New York at this time. Kelly, co-owner of Magnolia Quiltworks, passed away suddenly last week. Lillie is to have surgery on March 20th.
  • Twenty-one members and three visitors attended the meeting tonight.
  • Four door prizes were given out & won by Jeri, Margaret, Debi & Jane.
  • Elisabeth, Tory, Michelle, Shirley & Jeri showed the “Boxy Stars” articles they made at the February 8th workshop.
  • Michelle stated that seven ladies have signed-up for the next retreat…May 17, 18 & 19. She also said The English Street Quilter has renewed her ad in the newsletter. She reminded everyone about the TAQG newsletter we will be getting via e-mail. Also, she has 2 free tickets for the quilt show in Lufkin on March 15 & 16 presented by the Quilt Guild of the Pineywoods.
  • Tory won the twelve quilt B-O-M blocks. Janis had next month’s pattern available…Amish Star. Nancy presented the eleven blocks for the 12×12 challenge. The theme was yellow. Janis chose “yee-haw” for the May theme.
  • Jane¸ Nancy, Tory, Shirley, Michelle, Elisabeth¸ Katrina & Janis had beautiful things for show & tell.
  • Program tonight….group worked on assembling “golf-tee pincushions” for TAQG rally day.

Margaret Alsup


Beginning balance … 1823.08

T-Shirts expense … -346.95

Church use gift … -200.00

T-Shirts  …  58.00

Advertising  … 75.00

Dues  … 35.00

Ending balance … 1444.13


From the program committee:  The April 1st program will be about ways we can volunteer.  Nancy and Janis have guest speakers coming to talk to us about ways we can volunteer through the Quilt Guild.

Thanks to everyone that helped put the golf tee pin cushions together at our March meeting.  We got a lot done and a few people took some home to finish up.  Remember if you took supplies home, please bring the completed products back to the April meeting.


Our next retreat is May 17-19 at Victorian House Retreat in Weatherford.  Cost is $40 per person per night plus tax, minimum 2 nights  A deposit of $40 holds your space and space is limited to 12 people.  Some of us will go an extra night on Thursday, May 16 which will make it a 3 night retreat.  If you are interested, please let me know as soon as possible and get your deposit in.


Shara Hill-Scheibner rejoined at our March meeting.  Please update your membership directory with her information.

Welcome to our March visitors — Linda Boggus, Lauren Charron and Christine Blanton.  We hope to see you again at our April meeting!


This was a project begun by several quilters.
You can see their blocks at this website: http://www.twelveby12.org

  1. The block will be 12″ by 12″ finished. It will be completely finished, quilted and bound.
  2. You are free to interpret the Theme in any way you choose, with any method you choose.
  3. I will choose the first Theme. Then someone from the group participating in the first month’s challenge will get to choose the next Theme.
  4. Blocks will be brought to the meeting and displayed. The block will be yours to keep.
  5. We will do one every two months, beginning in January. The next one will be displayed at the May meeting and the theme is “Yee-Haw”.


Pattern in on page 3 of the newsletter.


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