November 2018 Newsletter

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  • Name tag
  • Block party block #11
  • Show-and-Tell
  • Door prizes for or N



  • Ella Bonfiglio … November 1
  • Theresa Sparkman … November 13
  • Stephanie Evans … November 20
  • Janice Overton … November 23
  • Ann Stevenson … November 26


Wow!  November 2018 is upon us.  This year has flown by and Christmas is just around the corner.  If you are making your Christmas gifts have you gotten started.  Maybe you have already finished.   We will be electing officers in November.  There will be some vacancies for committee chairs.  If you are asked to fill one of those vacancies, please consider saying yes.  The Guild needs everyone’s help to be successful.  We have had 25 great years.  Let’s make sure the rest of year 26 is great as well.

Michelle Rodriguez


Welcome to our newest members, Theresa Sparkman and Donna Hernandez. They joined at our October meeting. Be sure to introduce yourself when you see them at the November meeting!


Our theme this year has been “the choices we make” and we will focus on patterns for the November meeting. For the special show and tell, bring one quilt that you felt you had to make because of the pattern.

See you November 5.

Shirley Lewis


  • Meeting called to order
  • Welcome
    • President welcomed group to meeting
  • Approve Guild minutes as in the newsletter
  • Approve Treasurer’s report as in the newsletter
    • Filed for audit
  • Birthdays
    • Pam, Sharon, Natalie, Cathy, Christine
  • Remembrances
    • Welcome back Margaret!!
  • Announcement
    • Stitchin’ Heaven is moving back to Quitman
    • Carrie may be pregnant! Congratulations!
  • TAQG
    • Budget was met for Rally Day – Earned $4,000
  • Membership
    • members in attendance 29
    • 6 Guests: Lori, Theresa, Donna, Barbara, Nancy, Abe
    • Failure to wear a name tag will result in a $.50 fine
  • Newsletter
    • Items for the newsletter should be submitted to Paco By the 10th of the month
    • Newsletter coming from (Francisco=Paco)Newsletter items can be sent to Paco or Michelle
  • Block of the Month
    • Moda Be My Neighbor
    • Members shared the blocks they made
    • Next month block 11
    • Call Christine if you have any questions on directions
  • Workshops
    • Twister workshop held 9/15 – 7 members shared their projects from the workshop
    • Next workshop Nov.-Dec. time frame. Will be a Mini-Retreat
  • Stitch group
    • 6 people participated in the September stitch group
    • Next gathering will be 10/25 9:00 – 3:00. This will be the last meeting of the year
    • Bring your own lunch
  • Old business
    • Christine thanked everyone that donated tiny thread spools for her Christmas project to be donated to charity
  • New business:
    • Discussed nominating committee
      • Sue and Shirley are on the nomination committee based on their current positionsSue H. Nominated Paco – he accepted
      • Grace Nominated Cathy – she accepted
      • Michelle Nominated Grace – she accepted
      • Grace made motion to accept those listed to be the nominating committee. Debi seconds the motion. Motion passes.
  • Show & Tell
    • 7 members shared their quilt projects
  • Programs
    • Next month will be on patterns
    • Tonight’s program” Barbara from Quilting Around, in Weatherford. She did a demo and trunk show
      Becky Petross

Becky Petross


  • Be sure to wear a name tag at our meetings. If you don’t wear a name tag, you will be charged 50 cents each time.
  • Articles for the newsletter are due by the 10th of the month. Any articles not received by the 10th of the month may or may not get published in that month’s newsletter.
  • The newsletter is published monthly usually within 10 days of the meeting date (first Monday of each month). You will receive an e-mail with a link to the website ( All previous newsletters are archived on our website. You may also go to our Facebook page. Our newsletter link is posted there monthly. If, at any time, you cannot find your newsletter or have deleted the e-mail with the link, you could do an internet search for “quilter’s guild of grand prairie” to find our website.
  • If you have a question about a program, a workshop, or the block of the month, be sure to contact the person(s) in charge of whatever you have a question about. The names, phone numbers and e-mails are all listed in the newsletter.
  • Please silence your cell phone during our meetings.

Michelle Rodriguez


The 2018 Block Party will follow a program from Moda that provided 16 “blueprint” block patterns that comprise the Moda Be My Neighbor quilt.

Quilt Guild members should have received an e-mail from with the quilt’s fabric requirements and layout as well as the pattern for the second block.

The patterns and instructions are freely available on the web and will also be posted in the Guild’s website.

The blueprints are rendered in gray-scale to allow everyone to color their neighborhood using a wide variety of fabric and color choices. These are very scrappy blocks — mix your favorite fabric and colors to create your colorful neighborhood. There are 16 blocks in the quilt top. The quilt top measures 68 inches by 84 1/2 inches.

If you have any questions, please contact Christine.

Instructions (click to download PDF):

Block 11 (click to download PDF):


  • Beginning balance …   $1,533.12

  • Deposit (membership dues) …  $20.00

  • Ending balance  … $1,553.12

Jane Lamb


Immediately following the October meeting, the nominating committee met to select a slate of officers for 2019. The nominating committee included Shirley L, Sue, Paco, Cathy, and Grace. The committee submits the following slate of officers for 2019:

  • Shirley L: President
  • Michelle: 1st Vice President
  • Debi: 2nd Vice President
  • Sue: Secretary
  • Jane: Treasurer.

Shirley Lewis


Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center is an online archive of hobby-related magazines, reference books, newspaper articles, and projects. It’s one of the free online resources from the Grand Prairie Libraries. While it’s not great for browsing, it’s a good source if you’re looking for a specific article or pattern from:

  • Quiltmaker
  • Quilting Arts magazine
  • Quilter’s World
  • Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine
  • McCall’s Quilting
  • McCall’s Quick Quilts
  • Fons & Porters’ Love of Quilting
  • Easy Quilts

How to get there: Visit Click the button on the left column that says Ebooks & Online Tools. Scroll down the page until you see “Do It Yourself Reference Centers” and click on the icon for Hobbies & Craft Center. Log in with your Grand Prairie library card and PIN (the last 4 digits of your phone number).

Library cards are free, even if you don’t live in Grand Prairie!

Elisabeth McMahon

Creative Commons License


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