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  • Name tag
  • Block party block
  • Show-and-Tell
  • Program items
  • Door prizes for names beginning with A or B


  • Jane Lamb … January 16
  • Carrie Stanford … January 25


It always amazes me that the years seem to pass by so fast — it is January 1st one day and seems like I go to bed one night and the year is almost over when I wake up. I am thankful for each of the years — just wish they would slow down a little. I hope each of you can reflect on 2014 and have good thoughts of family, friends, and accomplishments. In looking forward to 2015, I plan to do much more quilting as I have decided quilting will take the place of any resolutions I might make. If I will devote my time to quilting, I will spend less time in the kitchen which means I will eat fewer snacks. I will also gets lots of exercise with my up and down activities between my machine, iron, cutting table, and stash. Also, fabric shopping will provide exercise with walking the aisles and picking fabric. I hope that each of you has a wonderful 2015 and remember to keep quilting — it takes the place of dieting and exercise. See you at the January meeting.

Sue Heard


Welcome to our December guest, Pam McCall. We hope you enjoyed your visit and that you will come back to our January meeting.


143 lbs. of food were collected at the December meeting and donated to the Grand Prairie Food and Clothing Co-Op.


  • Sue called the meeting to order at 7 o’clock and Jane gave the blessing for our Christmas pot-luck dinner.
  • We have 2 birthdays for December…Shirley and Michelle. Sue reminded everyone to get their fat-quarter tonight if they were absent the meeting of their birthday month.
  • Remembrances: Shara’s husband recovering from emergency surgeries and son recovering from flu and pneumonia, Nancy Mills-Dickens – nephew… cancer, Jane’s husband… cancer of inner ear area, Ruth recovering from back surgery, Evelyn’s daughter…medical procedure- hoping to start a family and Cathy… five year cancer survivor.
  • The minutes from last month’s meeting were approved as written in the newsletter.
  • Barbara stated no change in our bank balance of $1,144.72.
  • Shirley reported we had 26 members and 1 guest, Pam McCall, present. Two more members came in later. She also reminded everyone to pay your annual dues in January so you will be listed in our membership guide for 2015… 65 and older – $15.00 and $20.00 for those younger. There were 8 ladies eligible with perfect attendance for 2014 (Sue H., Michelle, Janis H., Jeri, Grace, Margaret, Barbara B. and Tory) for the drawing of a free membership for 2015 and Barbara won.
  • Michelle reminded everyone of the 10th of the month deadline for submitting articles to the newsletter. She reported the next retreat will be May 14th thru 17th in Weatherford. So far 5 ladies have signed-up and 3 are pending. The cost is $40.00 plus tax per night and she needs your deposit as soon as possible to reserve your place.
  • Janice reported there was not enough interest in the T-shirt workshop, so it will be a mystery quilt workshop instead and is scheduled for Saturday, February 7th.
  • Evelyn won the 2 plus 6 make-up blocks for the Block-of-the-month. Tory had the directions for January’s block and all following months….Fractured four-patch based on a 5″ square. The theme and colors will be different each month…January’s theme… “The Weather Outside is Frightful”…. so you will chose your 2 colors based on your interpretation of that theme.
  • Katrina reported the TAQG’s annual membership dues of $25.00 are now due. She made the motion for our guild to join again for 2015 and was seconded by Elisabeth. She also had a report hand-out with all the information on what’s going on next year with TAQG.
  • New business…. Jane requested reimbursement for the $69.91 she spent on fleece at JoAnn’s to make approximately 15 blankets for our service project for 2015. Grace made the motion for Jane to be reimbursed and Janis H. seconded the motion.
  • Shirley and Michelle had a very nice program for the installation of our new officers for 2015…. Stitching Together Our Officers. For Sue — President… Needles… for projects underway… as the eye and tool for our guild. For Grace and Jane –Programs… Thread… to ensure all pieces hold together. For Janice – Workshops – Patterns… educational projects. For Debi – Secretary… Pins…holds fabric firmly in place. For Barbara – Treasurer… Measuring tape… all calculations are precise. Fabric (Michelle gave each one a piece) represents the members of the guild and the support each one needs give to our officers.
  • Show and Tell…. Tory, Janis and Elisabeth had items to show tonight.
  • Grace reminded everyone the Stitch-a-Bit group will not meet in December but will start again January. The meeting will be Thursday, January 22nd at the Woods United Methodist Church from 9 o’clock until about 3 o’clock. She also had a questionnaire for each to fill out on what programs we would like to have for next year… any suggestions you have.
  • Jeri… Mystery block reveal… Lots of fun revealing the block you made and receiving the one someone else made for you.
  • Then we all gathered in a circle for our Christmas gift exchange. Lots of nice gifts and good fun.

Margaret Alsup


Seven of us had a great time at our Fall Retreat in October. Because we had such a good time, we have booked our next 2 retreats. Our Spring 2015 Retreat will be May 14-17 and our Fall 2015 Retreat will be October 22-25.

Both of these retreats will be at Victorian House Retreat in Weatherford.

Cost is $40 per night plus tax with a $40 deposit due when you reserve your spot. You may do a 3 night retreat (Thursday-Sunday) or a 2 night retreat (Friday-Sunday) Space is limited to the first 12 people to sign up. If more than 12 people want to go, we will have a waiting list.

For those of you that have never been on a quilt retreat, we have lots of fun sewing, shopping and eating.

Retreating is a great way to get to know fellow Guild members.

Michelle Rodriguez


In 2015 the Block of the Month will be a little different. Tory has picked out a pattern for a block. Each month you will make that block. The difference between the months will be the theme. The theme for the January block is “The Weather Outside is Frightful” (pattern inserted). Tory’s block used white and aqua (see the picture of the blocks on the Guild’s Facebook page). Each person should make the block using that theme, bring it to the meeting in January, and then be entered to win all the blocks that were turned in. In February, you will make the same block that you made in January, but with different fabrics — to go with the February theme.

If you have any questions, please contact Tory.

0115pattern01 0115pattern02


  1. TAQG is looking for people to volunteer at the TAQG booth at the Dallas Quilt show on March 10 to 15. If you are interested, please let Katrina Lindley know. (krazykat1952@gmail.com)
  2. The size of the mini-quilts for the auction at Rally Day in 2015 is a maximum of 24 x 24 inches.
  3. The speaker for Rally Day 2015 is Kathy Dunigan, an expert on applique. Rally Day is normally the 2nd Saturday in July (July 11, 2015), at Mimosa Lane Baptist Church, 1233 Belt Line, Mesquite from 9 am until 3:30 p.m. Plans are tentative at this time.
  4. TAQG meetings for 2015 are from 10 am until noon at Garden Ridge Church of Christ, 102 N Garden Ridge Blvd. in Lewisville. The tentative topics for the breakout sessions each month are:
    • January 17th Info for presidents, treasurers, and secretaries
    • March 31st Info about contracts
    • May 26th Info about offering educational workshops for the community
    • July 28th Info about sales tax
    • September 29th TBD.
    • November 17th Info about programs/speakers (10 am – 2 p.m.)
      If anyone is interested in attending a particular meeting with Katrina, please let her know. We can carpool.
  5. Remember that we have volunteered to help with Rally Day 2016. The speaker has been announced. It is Kimberly Einmo, who has published books with patterns using jelly rolls.
  6. The Quilt Guild of Kaufman received a grant from TAQG last year. They have hired a national speaker, Faye Labanaris (one of the instructors from the Katy Dunigan Applique Academy). She will be speaking at their February meeting which will be Tuesday, February 3rd at 6:30 p.m. They are inviting others who might be interested to attend. The Kaufman Quilt Guild meets at Landmark Church of Christ, 607 E. Fair Street, Kaufman,Texas 75142.


Beginning balance … $1,144.72

  • Check #1097 (2015 TAQG Dues) (25.00)
  • Check #1098 (Fleece) (69.91)

Ending Balance … $1,049.81


The January meeting will be a Make and Take Paper Pieced item. Please bring your sewing kit with needle, pins, scissors, thread (red and white). You will also need a small ruler and a rotary cutter. We will provide kits with material and pattern, cutting boards and irons. It would be helpful to have your machine, but it can be done without it. We will also have a few machines available for those that want to use one.

We got very few suggestions for what you want for programs this new year. Please bring your suggestions.

We would be willing to provide the borders for working on a border quilt project. The Christmas block Shirley provided would be a good starter square for this project.

I will provide the info to get started if you choose to do a border project. This would be a month addition to the block with one border added for ten months.

Do you want to do another surprise block??? The rules would need to be changed, but we can do it if you want to.

Grace and Jane


1st AND FOREMOST: This is your quilt so choose the colors you want to use.
This is a suggested quilt color combination to give you an idea of light vs. dark colors.
If you have questions, please call me 972-264-3472; leave a message if I don’t answer — PLEASE.

Approximate size 45 x 45

2/3 yard dark red or green (accent color) Could use dark red, dark blue, etc.)

3/4 yard white or white on white (could use off white but make sure there is a definite contrast between this color and the next color as this is your background color)

1 yard tan (darker than color above)

1 1/8 yard black – no substitution on this one

Step 1 Cutting Instructions Label each step and place in separate baggie with label such as (A or B…..Z)

Cut three 3 1/2 inch fabric strips (width of fabric) of white on white (A))

Cut one strip into 3 1/2″ squares (12 squares)(B).

Cut one strip into four 9 1/2″ strips(B-C).

Cut three 3 7/8″ fabric strips (width of fabric) of white on white

Cut 3 7/8 strips into (24) 3 7/8 squares.

From remaining fabric – cut one 3 1/2” x 9 1/2” strips (B-C) strips

Cut seven 3 1/2” by width of fabric of black (B-C)

Set aside 2 black strips for later

Subcut three strips into (16) 6 1/2 pieces – Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on each square. (L)

Cut two 3 7/8 “ black strips width of fabric.

Subcut strips into 20 3 7/8 squares (E)

Cut two 3 1/2” by width of fabric of tan – subcut into twenty 3 1/2” squares (F)

Cut two 3 7/8” by width of fabric of tan. Subcut into twenty 3 7/8” squares. (D)

Cut two 6 7/8” by width of fabric tan. Subcut into eight (8) 6 7/8 squares. Cut each square in half on diagonal giving you 16 half square triangles. (K)

Cut one 3 1/2” by width of fabric of red (dark color). Subcut strip into eight 3 7/8 squares.

Cut five 2 1/4 by width of fabric strips of red for binding.

A lot of cutting but well worth it. See you in January and have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Be safe!

Janice Overton

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