September 2014 Newsletter

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  • Name tag
  • Block party block
  • Show-and-Tell
  • Program items
  • Door prizes for names beginning with M or N


Lillie Martinez … September 14
Margaret Alsup … September 23
Robyn Vercoe … September 24
Evelyn Moore … September 27


It is hard to believe that we are a week into August and school will be starting in just a few weeks. The next thing we know, Christmas will be upon us! My how time flies when we are having fun. And have fun we quilters do! Our schoolhouse meeting was fun with some interesting projects demonstrated that were not quilting but could be very useful to some of us. We also had some quilting related demos, so there was something for everyone. Thanks ladies for sharing with us. If you have not finished your mystery challenge (three fat quarters to be made into a finished product), remember how quickly the December meeting will get here and that is when they are due. I look forward to seeing all of the creativity come out in those mini-quilts. Until the September meeting, please stay cool and be safe if your are traveling.

Sue Heard


  • Sue called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.
  • We have 6 birthdays for August… Lauren, Nancy C., Ruth, Katrina, Judy Meador & Linda.
  • Remembrances..Shirley & Katrina & their husbands are traveling and Sue Taylor & Kathleen & their husbands have trips planned and possibly more ladies…..wishing all a safe journey.
  • The minutes from last month’s meeting were approved as written in the newsletter.
    Barbara reported we have a bank balance of $1,232.97 (prev. bal. $1,452.97 plus 356.50 from auction, minus ck. for 356.50 to food co-op, minus 220.00 for BBQ).
  • Michelle reported we had 26 members & 2 visitors (Carol Miller & Pam Landrum) present tonight. She also had 5 door prizes & 2 sets of Quilt Show tickets to give away. Door prizes..Debi, Sue T., Jeri, Nancy C. & Lauren. Quilt show tickets..Christine & Carol M. for the Sulphur Springs show & Michelle for the Plano show. She also reminded everyone she needs any articles being submitted to the newsletter in by the 10th of each month. The next retreat is scheduled for Oct. 23rd thru 26th. So far 8 ladies are planning to attend & she needs your $40.00 deposit if you would like to go.
  • Janice Overton stated the next workshop will be on Saturday, Oct 4th. The pattern you will be making is “Carpenter’s Wheel.” She had a sign-up sheet & the fabric requirements available tonight. More information later.
  • Lauren won the 6 Block-of-the-Month blocks tonight. Tory had the instructions for next month’s block….Amish.. Road to California.
  • Eleven ladies attended the TAQG Rally Day in July & everyone said they enjoyed everything. Sue T. stated there will be another Pat Speth workshop in Sept. at Quilt Among Friends Quilt Shop.
  • Christine asked for more information on the quilts being made to donate to the VA hospital..if we could put labels on them stating they were from our guild. Grace said she has the rules/requirements at home & will share this information.
  • Show & Tell…Janis H, Grace, Elisabeth & Michelle.
  • Sue T. announced she had brought several tubs of quilting items tonight & would like to give everything away. She also had an informational flyer available about a movie…Supporting Annie Parker &Breast Cancer research.
  • Grace & Jeri reported the guild has 45 quilts to donate to Brighter Tomorrows. Grace thanked everyone for their donations & a special “Thank You” to Jeri for making sure all the donated tops were completed. For the September meeting, Grace asked each of us to bring one helpful hint on quilting/sewing to share with the group. She reported 6 ladies attended the last Stitch-a-Bit meeting. The next Stitch Group meeting will be on Aug. 28th from 9:30 till 3:00 at the Woods United Methodist Church. She encourages everyone to come & enjoy. For our Nov. Guild meeting we will have guest speaker, Rhonda Hughes-Montee, from Corner Square Quilt Shop in Cedar Hill. Plans for the October meeting are not finalized yet, so if you have something you want done, please let Grace or Jeri know and they will see if they can implement it.
  • Tonight’s program..Schoolhouse. Seven ladies showed the group how to make zippered bags, headbands, hair bows, special ruler techniques (2 stations), paper piecing, and Thangles.
  • Meeting adjourned.

Margaret Alsup


The program for September will be a member participation program. Jeri and Grace will share some helpful hints received at the Pat Speth workshop. The Guild members are asked to bring a helpful hint. The hints can be original or from a printed publication.


  • Something you do that helps you with your sewing.
  • Something that makes your sewing area unique.
  • A website or quilt shop that you have found helpful.

Think out of the box and we will all share.

Grace & Jeri


The block for the September Block Party is Road to California. Don’t forget the theme this year is Amish. Be sure to keep the theme in mind when making your block for the drawing. One color should be black and the other color should be solid. You may make the block you keep for yourself anything you’d like.

Please visit online to view and print the instructions to the Block of the Month. The Quilter’s Cache’s terms and conditions for this pattern ask that it not be reproduced on a Quilt Guild’s web site.

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