April 2012 Newsletter

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  • Name tag
  • Block party block
  • Show-and-Tell
  • Door prizes for names beginning with N, O


Wow, I love this time of the year.  Flowers are beginning to bloom, trees are beginning to bud out.  It’s easy to see where some of the beautiful fabric colors come from.  I see so many gorgeous fabrics to make beautiful quilts.  One problem, not enough money and no more storage room.

We had a great March meeting.  Thanks Michelle for the gift card make and take, mine still does not have a gift card in it.  Wonder what happened?   Thanks also to Shirley and Paco for the membership book.

Happy quilting!

Jane Lamb


  • Elisabeth McMahon … April 17


Our April program will be about the original Kansas City Star quilt patterns.  They are now a collector’s item, but were once a weekly highlight of the newspaper for women in several states.  It’s fun to see how patterns have changed so much in recent years.

Shirley Lewis


Beginning ………. 1413.01
Dues ………. 15.00
Ending balance ………. 1428.01


  • Jane Lamb called the meeting to order and asked Ruth Goodman and Jeri Bush to tell a little about their journey in quilting. Jane also asked for remembrances and Lillie Martinez said that she will be having knee replacement surgery on March 27th. Grace Norris announced that Joanne Grant, a former member, is going to be a grandmother by her daughter Susan.
  • Grace moved and Marty Staten seconded that the minutes be approved as printed in the newsletter. The motion carried.
  • Debi Cypert gave the treasurers report – beginning balance $1263.01 + deposits of $150.00 for a current balance of $1413.01
  • Shirley Lewis announced that we have 20 members present tonight, and she has our yearbooks on the membership table. We have two members from last year who are not listed – Joan Vega who will not be able to rejoin this year and Judy Meador who paid her dues tonight. Judy’s information will be printed in the April newsletter. Many thanks to Michelle’s husband, Paco, for the yearbooks.
  • Door prizes were won by Elisabeth McMahon, Jane, and Marty.
  • Michelle Rodriguez announced that the retreat is full but she will take names if anyone would like a chance to go should someone have to cancel. The regular retreat will be May 18-20 but several ladies are adding a day and going on the 17th.
  • Elisabeth reminded us of the workshop to be held on April 21st. There are currently 14 people signed up for this mystery quilt, and Elisabeth has the sign-up sheet and instructions if anyone else is interested.
  • There were 13 blocks turned in this month and were won by Nancy Conner. The instructions for the April block were handed out – this one will be scrappy.
  • Old Business: Michelle received a ‘thank you’ from the church for our donation for use of the space. Sue Taylor told us a little about Rally Day on July 14th which is sponsored by the Texas Association of Guilds. We may be asked to contribute to ‘goody bags’ which will be handed out at this event, but we decided to wait until we are asked before making anything.
  • New Business: Michelle said that Janet Plattner brought some fabric for us to take. Also, the Dallas Quilt Show is this weekend, the Tyler show is March 23-24, and Plano will have a show in August.
  • Show & Tell: Jane, Sue Heard, Janis, and Marty.
  • Our program for next month is TBA. This month, we will be making cute gift card holders.

Sue Heard


I use one gallon of water to four tea bags to make a tea dye.  I boil the tea for 15 minutes, then test four fabric swatches for my favorite shade, by soaking one for 15 minutes, another for 20, another for 25, and the last for 30.  Then I iron each swatch and compare them to determine my favorite.  Then submerge the fabric in the tea water, add 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 Tbsp. salt to set the color and prevent bleeding.  I tea dye to make the fabric look old.

— Pearl Mok, Los Angeles, Calif.


We have 12 people signed up for our retreat May 18-20.  If you are interested in going and want to be notified of a cancellation, please let me know.  If you are interested in going an additional day, Thursday, May 17th, please let Sue Heard know.


Pattern is on page 3 of the newsletter.

Creative Commons License


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