October 2008 Newsletter

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DOOR PRIZES: If your last name begins with S or B please bring a door prize to the October meeting and give it to Elisabeth McMahon. This is a voluntary effort, but most of us like to receive a door prize and we hope everyone will participate. Please bring only quilting related items such as: Quilting Notions, fat quarters, triangle paper, magnetic pin holders, scissors, Pigma pens, etc.


  • Nametag

  • Door prizes if your last name begins with S or B

  • Mystery Quilt (in progress or complete) after workshop on 9/27

  • Money to shop with Quiet Parts, our October program

  • Show & Tell

PRESIDENT’S CORNER The Trinity Valley Quilt Show is coming up the weekend of September 19th and the Guild had a few pictures in the Fort Worth Star Telegram this past weekend.   Trinity Valley has always been one of my favorites…not too big and not too little.  Quilt shows are a good source of ideas, not only for pattern but also for color combination.   I recognize some of the quilter’s names now and am always amazed at the wonderful quilts that they turn out time after time.  A large amount of the quilts seem to be machine quilted now and the quilting is as beautiful as the quilt.  I try and get close enough to photograph the quilting as well as the overall quilt design.  What a great hobby we have with so many variations on what we can do…it is never boring!

Debi Cypert
Pat Johnson: October 11
Judy Joy: October 16
Linda Boggus: October 21
Cathy Mullin: October 27
That since we started the Guild’s website this year, we have received around 4,300 hits.  Wow.  We have gotten some new members because they found us by way of the website, and just this month got a comment from someone in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.  She found us by way of a website that has linked to ours because of the free patterns we are including in our newsletter.  She said they have a Quilt Guild there and was very excited that she found our website.  She seemed to think that at one time our cities were sister cities.  Maybe we should check that out.
NAMETAGS Several people have commented recently on nametags (or lack thereof).  We’re all supposed to wear our nametags at every meeting.  If we don’t wear it, we’re supposed to pay 50 cents to the Guild to get a paper one.   Since we have had so many visitors and new members in the last year, we should all get back into the habit.  Some people remember everyone’s name, while others need a little bit of help every once in a while.  If you are a new member and don’t have a name tag, make a pretty one out of fabric, make a paper one, or bring one from another organization or your ID badge from work–just so long as you have a nametag!

APPLIQUÉ: Appliqué is the word used for the process of applying one fabric to the top of another.
One form of appliqué is to use freezer paper (which is available in the grocery story near the foil, plastic wrap, etc.). We will make a heart using the freezer paper method.

Cut your background fabric at least one inch larger than the completed square. In other words, to make a 6 inch completed square, we usually cut a 6½” square to allow for seam allowances. If we intend to appliqué on this square, we would cut a 7½” square. The reason for this is because the appliqué method tends to draw the background fabric up a bit, and it is better to trim it off than to try to make it stretch to the right size. We will be cutting four 7½” squares for this block.

We will fold our piece of freezer paper in half, take our paper scissors and cut ½ of a heart shape. Unfold the freezer paper, and you have your heart. Iron this to the wrong side of the fabric that you wish to use to make the heart. Next we will cut the fabric in the shape of the heart, leaving room to turn the fabric to the backside and iron down. I will show you how to make the tip and the curves.

Now fold the heart into quarters and finger-press, then fold your 7½” piece of fabric into quarters. Iron the background fabric into the quarters. Place the center of the heart onto the center of the background fabric. Line up the lines and pin with straight pins.

We will make the quilter’s knot, start from the back of the background fabric and use the tacking stitch to attach the heart to the background fabric. After we are finished with the heart, we will cut a hole in the back of the background fabric, and remove the paper. At this point, we will trim the background fabric to ¼” of the stitching.

Another method is to draw the heart onto fusible interfacing. We will then sew on the outer edge of the fusible interfacing to connect it to the right side of the fabric, leaving an opening for turning on one side of the heart. Trim heart fabric to ¼” away from interfacing. Nip inside of the rounded edges at the top of the heart. We will turn the fabric inside out to where we have the right side of the fabric up, and the interfacing on the bottom. Finger press the outer edges of the heart to make it as flat as possible, then finger press it into quarters. Once again, iron the background fabric into quarters, match up the lines and press your heart onto the background fabric. We will apply the heart using the tacking stitch by hand, or with a decorative stitch on the machine.

Press, using a terry towel, right side of fabric to the terry towel. Use your square up ruler, and square your 7½” block to 6½”. You can make 2 hearts and have 2 blank background squares, or you can make 4 hearts to get the experience in appliqué.


  • The September 1, 2008 meeting of the Quilter’s Guild of Grand Prairie was called to order by president Debi Cypert at 7 p.m.  The minutes were approved as printed in the newsletter.
  • The treasurer’s report was approved as printed in the newsletter and was filed for audit.
  • Remembrances: Susan Hamilton has a new granddaughter, born today.  Birthdays were Lillie Martinez and Juanita Green.  The guild received a thank you note from the Grand Prairie Food & Clothing Co-op thanking us for our July donation of 93.5 pounds of food.
  • Publicity: Carol Franklin—the meeting was listed in Grand Prairie Today’s calendar.
  • Upcoming programs: The October program will be presented by Donna Bell, owner of Quilt Parts, a local online shop.  The November program will be the Ugly Fabric Challenge Style Show.
  • Workshops: The Mystery Quilt Workshop will be Saturday, September 27 at First Presbyterian Church from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Cutting instructions are available from Shirley — she recommends you have your fabric cut prior to the workshop.  We will start promptly at 9 a.m., so try to be at the church before that to get your workspace set up.  Bring a potluck salad or whatever else you’d like to share with the group for lunch.  Be sure to bring any snacks and drinks you’d like  for during the day, as well.  You will also need your cutting mat, rotary cutter, scissors, and whatever other supplies you usually bring to workshops, along with your sewing machine.
  • Membership: There were 13 members and 3 guests present tonight.  The guests were Sandy Holton, Charlotte Humphrey and Kathleen Leddy.
  • Door prizes were won by Lisa Boyc, Carol Franklin, Debi Cypert and Charlotte Humphrey.
  • Show and Tell: Susan Hamilton, Wanda Cargile and Michelle Rodriguez all had items for show and tell.
  • The September program was “Swap and Shop”. All members were invited to bring sewing related items they no longer wanted to swap, sell or give away.  Everyone had a good time shopping.
  • Meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m.

Michelle Rodriguez

OCTOBER PROGRAM The program will be given by Donna Bell, owner of Quilt Parts.  Quilt Parts is an online shop — http://www.quiltparts.com.  Donna also is a vendor at several local quilt shows.  For our meeting, she plans to bring “Log Cabin” rulers, that work with jelly rolls. After Donna does a demo on how to use these rulers, she is also going to talk about how to get more done faster. Sounds like she’s a “Superquilter”! We will be offered the opportunity to shop during our meeting, so have everyone remember to bring your $$.

WORKSHOP NEWS The mystery quilt workshop is set for September 27.  Since you will receive this newsletter before that date, there is nothing new to report except everyone participating is encouraged to take their finished or partially finished quilt top to the October meeting.

I have not planned another workshop for this year.  However, if there is something in particular some of you would like to do, please let me know and I’ll try to set it up.

Shirley Lewis

ROW QUILT If you are working on the row quilt the way the pattern shows it, the next row is the Gingerbread Men row. Everyone working on the project should try and bring their row to the Nov. 3 meeting. If you are working the pattern a different way, bring your next completed row then, too. We look forward to seeing everyone’s work in progress.

November: Ugly Fabric Style Show
December: Christmas Party

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